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Welcome Hamilton National Tour

Burr contrasts Hamilton with these smug politicians, quipping, “What happens when two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room?” Burr argues in the Reynolds Affair that Hamilton will be condemned even more for being an “immigrant embezzling our government funds.” Thus as John Adams labels him a “Creole bastard” and Burr calls him an “immigrant bastard,” his origins become nasty insults. When Britain and France went to war in 1793, the U.S. was caught in the middle. The 1778 treaty of alliance with France was still in effect, yet the United States traded heavily with Britain. Hamilton favored the country with commerce, while Jefferson was devoted to France where he’d spent so much of his life. A further complication was the French Revolution in 1789.

As they modeled themselves after the American one, especially with its Declaration of the Rights of Man (which Jefferson advised Lafayette on) many Americans sympathized. Of course, their revolution became known for its violent excesses as the angry commoners guillotined all aristocrats and their sympathizers. Paris was consumed by riots, chaos, and widespread looting as revolution followed revolution. In the show’s second rap battle (this one about sending military aid to Revolutionary France and the Neutrality Act of 1793) all the Founding Fathers make valid points – the French Revolution is worthy, as Jefferson insists.

However, Hamilton points out that America’s treaty with the dead King of France is now invalid, more on Hamilton national US tour here – https://www.hamiltontickets.org/tour/. Washington hesitates to involve his young country in every foreign war. A third cabinet battle tackled slavery but didn’t actually reveal much about the characters and got cut. “This is the stain on our soul and democracy,” Hamilton insists (Hamilton: The Revolution, 213).

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